Mike Griffiths

Playground Vandals

Within days of installing a new child’s swing and replacing the anti-bird prongs in the Jubilee Playground someone has decided it is a good idea to remove some of the prongs.  These are installed to prevent fouling of the swing seats; hence the new seat is already messed up.  As there is no sign of… Read more Playground Vandals

New Grant Application Form

A new Grant Application Form is to be completed by all organisations wishing to receive future financial support from Uley Parish Council.  Please see the Grant Application page here.

Uley Joins Road Safety Group

Uley Parish Council has joined the recently formed Stroud District Road Safety Group (SDRSG) and will be represented at its meetings by Councillor Tim Martin. The SDRSG is an autonomous, independent group covering the Stroud District Council district. The Group was  formed as a result of road safety initiatives by a number of local Parish Councils, to… Read more Uley Joins Road Safety Group

Uley Defibrillator Access Code – Collect your key fob (one per household) at the Village Shop

It would appear that on occasions when 999 is phoned and you are asked for the service you require, there can be a delay before being put through to an ambulance operator.  This happened recently to a villager who phoned 999 and wanted to access the code for our defibrillators.  This is causing an unnecessary… Read more Uley Defibrillator Access Code – Collect your key fob (one per household) at the Village Shop

Sheepwash makeover

The Cotswold AONB Partnership has recently replaced the information board at the site of the Uley sheepwash below Fop St crossroads and the area has been tidied up by the Cotswold Wardens. The sheepwash once provided a valuable service for local people in the wool trade. Sheep washing was for a long time a traditional… Read more Sheepwash makeover

Report a Problem

Did you know that you can report very easily all sorts of nuisances and problems such as noise, litter, potholes etc. on the Stroud District Council “Report” webpage.

Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page has been created to advertise crime prevention advice for the Dursley and District area. Under the Facebook name ‘Dursley and District Neighbourhood Watch’ it is designed to pass out Neighbourhood Watch messages and crime prevention advice for residents living within the Dursley and District policing area. It also suggests ways… Read more Neighbourhood Watch

“No Mobile, When Mobile”

Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is seeking everyone’s help with this brand new national road safety campaign. Its aim is to change people’s attitudes about mobile phones and driving through a blend of engagement, education and police enforcement. The national campaign will run between 14th and 20th November, but your Parish Council supports its continued engagement. The Partnership will… Read more “No Mobile, When Mobile”