Breaking News – Proposal to close all services at Uley Surgery


Uley Parish Council has learned of a NEW application from Cam and Uley Family Practice to completely close the Uley Doctor’s Surgery and relocate all services to the Cam Surgery by June 2022.

This is a separate application to the previous one to relocate the dispensary to Cam, and so needs a different response from Uley patients to object.

This is obviously devastating news for Uley and we need you to fight it!

We urge you and others in your household to fill in the questionnaire on the Practice website:

and also to write to or email our MP Siobhan Baillie with your views about this at You must include your full name and address in the letter or email to your MP for it to count.

The Practice says paper questionnaires and prepaid envelopes will be available from Uley Surgery if you don’t use a computer.

Template letters will soon be available at the Village Shop and soon online at the Uley Parish Council website.

Please don’t delay.  We need a huge response from 100s of Uley patients to convince the NHS that this is an important surgery that must NOT close.