Ash Dieback – what is it and what are its implications?

Ash trees are found in woodland and non-woodland settings, in both urban and rural landscapes. They constitute 12% of Great Britain’s broadleaved woodland and are also frequent in parks, gardens, hedgerows, roadside margins and close to watercourses. As well as being an attractive part of the landscape, ash provides a number of other benefits including… Read more Ash Dieback – what is it and what are its implications?

Recycling Waste for Collection – Keep Uley Tidy!

Uley Parish Council kindly requests all parishioners to ensure that wheelie bins and other waste/recycling containers are not put out on public areas and verges within the village except within the 24 hours immediately prior collection. Stroud District Council who are responsible for waste collection in Uley advise “Your bin should be placed at the… Read more Recycling Waste for Collection – Keep Uley Tidy!

Uley Speed Monitoring

Many of you will have seen the recent deployment of a mobile Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) system on The Street near the Fop Street junction at the beginning of November.  This equipment is one of two which have been purchased by the Stroud District Road Safety Group (SDRSG) and is available to Uley Parish Council… Read more Uley Speed Monitoring

Uley Joins Road Safety Group

Uley Parish Council has joined the recently formed Stroud District Road Safety Group (SDRSG) and will be represented at its meetings by Councillor Tim Martin. The SDRSG is an autonomous, independent group covering the Stroud District Council district. The Group was  formed as a result of road safety initiatives by a number of local Parish Councils, to… Read more Uley Joins Road Safety Group

Report a Problem

Did you know that you can report very easily all sorts of nuisances and problems such as noise, litter, potholes etc. on the Stroud District Council “Report” webpage.

Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page has been created to advertise crime prevention advice for the Dursley and District area. Under the Facebook name ‘Dursley and District Neighbourhood Watch’ it is designed to pass out Neighbourhood Watch messages and crime prevention advice for residents living within the Dursley and District policing area. It also suggests ways… Read more Neighbourhood Watch

“No Mobile, When Mobile”

Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is seeking everyone’s help with this brand new national road safety campaign. Its aim is to change people’s attitudes about mobile phones and driving through a blend of engagement, education and police enforcement. The national campaign will run between 14th and 20th November, but your Parish Council supports its continued engagement. The Partnership will… Read more “No Mobile, When Mobile”