Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Street Party Arrangements

Stroud District Council has waived the cost of street party road closures to enable communities to get together and celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70-year reign. The £85 fee will be waived for one-day not-for-profit events held over the Jubilee bank holiday period of 2 – 5 June.

If a road closure is required for an event, an application must still be made via the SDC website before 22 April to allow at least six weeks for a statutory consultation to take place. A page on the SDC website has been created with advice about how to plan a street party, and whether other licenses may be required, for example if alcohol will be on sale, or amplified music played.


Jubilee event organisers are encouraged to submit a simple online event notification form (from the above web page) which will allow officers to get in touch and offer relevant advice, including whether licences must be applied for.