Stop press! Good news update on Surgery

After a meeting (yesterday) with the Cam and Uley Family Practice manager and a team from Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, the Chair of the Patient Participation Group and Uley Parish Council, we have now learned the following:

Cam and Uley Family Practice have  withdrawn their application to move the dispensary to Cam.  This is great news and our much loved Uley dispensary will continue to provide the service on which so many of us depend.    

The Practice is still working on their plans for the surgery building when the lease runs out next June, but we are optimistic. The CCG are being very helpful : they confirm that Uley Surgery does meet the minimum standards and they have commissioned work to see how it can be further improved and updated. 

 We are really hopeful now that the Practice partners will invest in the future of Uley surgery, so patients will still be able to see a doctor or nurse in Uley once pandemic restrictions allow. The CCG have kindly said they will give the Parish Council a monthly update on the progress of the work, which we will share at our meetings. 

Becky Parish, Associate Director Engagement and Experience at CCG said that they have had an unprecedentedly huge response from the patients and residents of Uley and surrounding villages, and that her team will be collating it all into a report for the surgery after the deadline today, 17th September. She says the practice has confirmed it will not be putting in an application to the CCG to close Uley Surgery. 

Uley Parish Council and the Patient Participation Group are extremely thankful to Cam and Uley Family Practice for listening to their patients and hearing our collective voice. This is fantastic news for Uley patients and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this consultation.

A copy of the letter of objection from Uley Parish Council to the CCG, the Practice and others is here: UPC letter of Objection to CCG and Practice