Uley Defibrillator Access Code

It would appear that on occasions when 999 is phoned and you are asked for the service you require, there can be a delay before being put through to an ambulance operator.  This happened recently to a villager who phoned 999 and wanted to access the code for our defibrillators.  This is causing an unnecessary delay in getting information to access the defibrillator code.

Therefore, I have made the decision to make you all aware of the access codes for the defibrillators that are located at the Village Hall and the Pavilion at the Cricket Field.  The code will NOT be printed on the defibrillator cabinets as we want to reduce the risk of theft.

In the event of a suspected heart attack, the process is to phone for an ambulance FIRST and if there is more than one of you at the scene, to collect the defibrillator from either of the above locations.  When you open the defibrillator it will talk to you and explain where to put the pads – it is very easy to use.  Please do not be afraid to use it, it could save someone’s life.

I have printed enough key fobs with the defibrillator access code (same number for the defibrillators at the village hall and the Pavilion) for each household in Uley and Owlpen.

If you would like to collect a key fob, please pick one up at the Village Shop.  Please keep your key fob on your keys so when you are out and about and need to remember the number, you will have it with you.

Defibrillator Access Code = C123X

Kim Harvey