Uley Speed Monitoring

Many of you will have seen the recent deployment of a mobile Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) system on The Street near the Fop Street junction at the beginning of November.  This equipment is one of two which have been purchased by the Stroud District Road Safety Group (SDRSG) and is available to Uley Parish Council and other Parish Councils within the Stroud District through its associate membership of the SDRSG.  The Group will be installing the equipment again elsewhere in the village over the coming months.

These devices alert drivers to the existing speed limit in order to positively influence driver behaviour. They also collect traffic flow and speed data (in both directions), which should inform and assist us in ascertaining whether there is a particular problem in the village with speeding traffic.

Following meetings with the Road Safety Management Team at Gloucestershire Constabulary, SDRSG now has agreement with them that if a VAS deployment identifies a serious and repetitive speeding issue at a specific location, the Group can send them the VAS data so that an enforcement programme can be considered at that site.  This is excellent news and represents exactly the sort of cooperation between community groups and the police that SDRSG was set up last year to encourage.

Initial analysis of the data collected over a period of 10 days in Uley identifies that of the 23,207 vehicles recorded passing the equipment 13% violated the 30 mph speed limit with the fastest recorded speed being 63 mph. However, only 1,208 of these vehicles (5%) actually exceeded 35 mph.  The equipment recorded that the average speed was just 26 mph.