Uley Surgery – Parish Council responds to statement from Cam and Uley Family Practice

26/8/21 BREAKING NEWS – Please see the following statement regarding the consultation currently taking place regarding the provision of medical services at Uley Surgery:

 ‘‘Following the recent communications regarding the future of Uley Surgery, Cam and Uley Family Practice has had meetings over the last ten days with NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

 Further discussions are in progress, and the practice is investigating opportunities that might allow Uley Surgery to be brought up to acceptable standards which would allow it to retain some services at the site.

 The practice will continue with the planned consultation until 17th September and will take time to consider options and feedback before advising on any next steps.’’

26/8/21 : Response to Cam and Uley Family Practice statement from Uley Parish Council: 

The practice has released a statement that CCG estates and buildings team are looking at Uley surgery building and discussing improvement options with them. The CCG are aware that we ( Uley Parish Council) have also come up with ideas and suggestions, and have agreed to meet us with the practice, to hear our ideas for the building and what can potentially be done. They are going to meet us in the week beginning 6th September. This is good news as it gives us a chance to all work together on keeping our surgery which is very encouraging.

However, we must stress we need to keep the pressure up more strongly than ever now and keep letting the practice know how much we value our Uley surgery and dispensary.

The message we want to get out is to keep everyone emailing the practice, signing both the written and online petition, and filling in the practice survey. We cannot rest on our laurels at all. There is still the possibility that the practice will turn round and say sorry but they consider the building unviable after further consultation and exploration, and then we will have to explore other sites in a short time scale.

We would like to thank everyone who has worked to support us so far and we must continue with renewed energy.  This has shown us all just how highly valued and important the wonderful service we have at Uley is to everyone. Uley surgery is not just a building- it’s a huge living part of the Cam and Uley family Practice and of our community!

The consultation continues until 17th September and our effort to protest against the plan to close the surgery needs to continue with even more vigour right up until the deadline. This must happen even if we hear the result of  the dispensary application before that, and even if that is favourable, as we are looking at the long term picture here.

We know our GP practice at Uley is really special and we are really grateful for it in the village. We truly want to work to do everything we can to help the practice stay open with a Doctor and nurse here again, and to keep our rural dispensary local. Basically this statement is a little ray of hope for us, but our battle is far from over yet.

Everyone can do their bit by signing the petition in the shop, filling in the practice questionnaire and/or writing to the surgery and their MP Siobhan Bailey.

We need an even bigger response this time!

SOS – Save Our Surgery!