Affordable Housing in Uley – what is available

Uley has seven affordable houses which were officially opened in May 2015.  They consist of 4 single person flats, 2 x 2-bedroom houses and 1 x 3-bedroom family house.  They are located in Goldingham Close, off Raglan Way.

The houses are for rental only.  The properties are owned by Gloucestershire Rural Housing Association, which contracts the day-to-day management and maintenance to Severn Vale Housing Society.  Rental amounts are determined by the Housing Association under current government rules.

These affordable houses are available only to local Uley people.  There is a priority policy for determining eligibility, as follows:

1st priority – currently resident in the Parish of Uley

2nd priority – was previously resident in the Parish of Uley

3rd priority – is permanently employed in the Parish of Uley

4th priority – is connected by close family still living in the Parish of Uley

5th priority – if none of the above, then eligibility is opened up to other local Parishes.

If candidates meet the above criteria, they will then be assessed against the Association’s allocation policy which will decide who is in the greatest housing need.  The allocation is made using a point based system which looks at the housing needs of the local people who apply. The Housing Association will always ask for written evidence to support an applicant’s claim.

All applicants must register first on the local authority’s register.  In Uley’s case, this is by registering online on the Homeseekerplus website .  For assistance you can speak to a member of the local housing team at Stroud District Council on 01453 754078. (This is also the process for applying for council housing, so anyone in housing need should use this procedure.  Note that you could be offered council housing throughout the Stroud district, not necessarily in Uley).

All Uley’s Affordable Housing is currently fully occupied, but if you want more information about availability you should contact the Stroud Housing team on the telephone number above.  If you want to go on a waiting list for the housing, then you will need to register on the homeseeker website above, which acts as an online waiting list.

It took a number of years for these affordable houses to be built and made available.  Read how this was achieved here.

February, 2017